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What is Smack Jeeves Secret Santa?

A "Secret Santa" is a Christmas ritual involving a group of people exchanging anonymous gifts. For Smack Jeeves community members, that means we do something nice for our fellow comic artists, usually by making a Christmas or fan-comic as a present. The Secret Santa gift exchange was started by Trebor in 2006, continued by Charlie with the help of Enkida in 2007 and run by cutething with the invaluable help of Enkida again in 2008.

The rules are simple - any Smack Jeeves user can participate by posting in the forum by the 5th of December. On the 6th, every person will be assigned one other person on the list to make a Christmas gift for. This usually takes the form of a single picture or flash file. Sorry, but sprites and photos WILL NOT be accepted - anyone who signs up has to actually MAKE a gift. Participants turn in their submissions to cutething via email by the 24th of December EST at the latest, and then it's posted here, on the web site. But be warned - anyone who signs up and then fails to fulfill their end of the bargain will face a severe public mocking as well as several ominous forum account repercussions. Late submissions will result in the punishment being lifted a day after being received. Finally, participants can reveal their gift-giving identities on the 25th of December.

This was a lot of fun last year, and hopefully it will be just as good or better this time around. So what are you waiting for? Sign up! Now! Do it!

Who's participating this year?
3eoclock Afrohawkman amiko_16 amymist Anekamaru
appealofsoup Appendagechild AppLe_MuFFin AutumnOvertures avian-reader
Avi den Kanashimi Azumitaiko Bird Man blingmobile BlueLink
Bowserknight Break My Heart Comics Butterscotch cacaao Captain Ghost
catqueen13 celtic guardian Charlie chocojax Contemplating
CPD crestforte Crystalbear daidaishar Darkie-sama
darknlight dinodudemax dip-eiffel-tea Eggie Enkida
Falconer fishuu Flaky Extreme FMAotaku101 Geoff
GothicVampireGirl Gouda granmastern H0lyhandgrenade harlequinrush
ikebana Imi Incendiary Fluff ithecello jimmydabomb
JoJo Jokerine kangel kay osse Kazuuu
KhaosAnimeAngel Kitty_Candy Kokkoii-Matoku kota KurodaTh
lexichan lilithim limey_cricket Living Rock LivingShinigami
m0moiro manga333666 Maniac Manic Masked-Moon Masterweaver
megafonzie MeggersNuff metaishopeless mewarrow MGSSOL
MikoKage misuzu Mitani Momentosis MuriraRK
nancchan Nini-Kins ninjies Nix No-Name9
Noneko onecoolc Oonie paradonia pelica
Prank ProjectNayru Pyroman RazorD9 RedRingo
remington Rizu Rosefae ryuoku s0ra
sacredsinner Saiko sarydactl scalott SeanRhee
sentiashinou Sharky001 shatteredxmemories ShinigamiMaxwell Sho-Shonojo
Sientjuhna silverbrumby123 SKitFox skymaggot skystears
Snowy Zombie Sorrows Neptune SuperBiasedMan SushiGummy tacochance
Tech Tempest_Lavalle tezzle three timmiboi
TKGB_Cocker Trebor Tresity trombonefellow Tsumasaki
twelveOtwelve Vanpaia Naito wade-nomad Warlin Wenny12
whistleonwild zaceron xkrazydog XxHaNlxX yarriz
Yazzydream your shadow  

Latest News and Information

Naughty List

Bird Man

While you may have disappointed your recipients, my magical elves are already hard at work making presents for the people who got scrooged by you. The Krampus is delighted to have so many people to play with this year. Congratulations, enjoy your punishment.

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It Begins!

We've already got our first gift up! Remember, you have until December 24th to send me your gifts via EMAIL. Check out the sign up thread for up-to-date information, rules and deadlines. PM me with any questions or concerns.

Did you miss the deadline for sign up?
Unfortunately, all of the assignments have been sent out. However, for good karma and super kudos, you can volunteer to make comics for anyone who got scrooged. That will be announced on December 25th. Sorry you missed the deadline, but we did do everything we could to announce it. Better luck next year :)

Send me a PM letting me know for sure if you would like to sign up to do scrooge gifts.

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Don't be a Scrooge

Secret Santa is about fun and giving. It's also about managing your time over the holidays in order to fulfill a commitment. It's not always easy to participate in Secret Santa, and the consequences for being a scrooge are steep.

However, we all get busy around the holidays, and it's understandable if real life or school work becomes too overwhelming. HOWEVER, if you feel that you will not be able to do this by the deadline, you need to speak up now, before I assign santas. It's fine if you need to back out now. If you back out after December 5th, you will be considered a scrooge.

What are the consequences of being a scrooge? Your name will be announced publicly, your forum avatar and title will be changed to rude things of my choosing, and you will risk being given "high risk" partners next year, increasing your odds for being scrooged. Nice, huh? Most of all, though, you'll have to live with the knowledge that you jerked someone around by not upholding your end of the bargain.

posted by Santa Claus @ July 9th, 2014, 12:01 am  ¤  0 people jingled the bells

Donator Code and a great cause!

A woman named Julie N. is running in a marathon to benefit the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America. She will be running 13.1 miles and hopes to raise $3,600 dollars by the end of December 2008.

I was happy to donate $10.00 to her cause. Because I made that donation, Enkida matched it and gave Secret Santa 2008 a donator code. Thanks to Enkida, we can accept larger file sizes and FLASH files!

Please consider making a donation to help Julie meet her goal.

posted by Santa Claus @ July 9th, 2014, 12:01 am  ¤  0 people jingled the bells

Ho Ho Ho! Secret Santa 2008 Launches!

Ho Ho Ho! Secret Santa 2008 has a beautiful website that looks suspiciously similar to last year's site. Thanks to Enkida, we've been able to quickly get the site off the ground and running. Her beautiful design from last year has been updated for this year's site.

Please remember that this year's deadlines are different from last year's. Be sure to read and understand the sign up thread. The deadline for sign up is December 5, 2008 EST. This will give everyone an extra ten days to complete their Secret Santa gifts.

posted by Santa Claus @ July 9th, 2014, 12:00 am  ¤  0 people jingled the bells

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