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Today: You should have received your recipient on December 6th. If you did not, PM me immediately. You have until December 24th to submit your gift to me via email (see below). UPDATE: The deadline for scrooge gifts has been extended to January 10th.

December 5, 2008: Deadline for sign up.
December 6, 2008: You will be assigned a recipient via PM.
Thru Dec. 24th: Magical Elf Sign up! (see below)
December 24, 2008: Deadline for gifts submitted to me via email (see below on how to do this)
December 25, 2008: Scrooges announced and Magical Elves assigned their tasks.
January 10, 2009: Deadline for Magical Elves to submit gifts for people who were scrooged.

Santa's Magical Elves Sign Up!

Did you miss the deadline for secret santa '08? Just want to help out? Volunteer to be one of my Magical Elves!

What it is
Volunteer only - you won't be getting a gift in return. You'll be making a gift for someone who got scrooged. Meaning, people who signed up and didn't get a gift in return or got a gift that was kinda crappy, e.g. had nothing to do with them or their comics.

PM me to sign up and with any questions about this.

Secret Santa 2008 RULES:

  1. You sign up by posting in the sign up thread by the 5th of December. No discussion there, only applications.

  2. On December 6th, every person will be assigned one other person on the list to make a Christmas gift for. Gifts take the form of a single picture/comic (one image file). Users who do not receive their assignment on December 6th MUST PM me ASAP. You will be considered a scrooge if you don't!

  3. Sprites WILL NOT be accepted. Oh, and don't just google a photo either, you have to MAKE a gift.

  4. Pictures/Comics should be specific to the person receiving them. E.g., if they have written a story posted on sj or posted comics on sj, you should try to make your gift specific to that content. Please don't make me hound you about this. If you fail to do this, you will be considered a scrooge. Yes, I'm serious. Generic gifts are ONLY acceptable when users do not have any content uploaded to SJ.
    A generic gift is ONLY acceptable if the user has no comics posted and no stories posted here. You are not under any obligation to go hunting around the internet for clues to what your recipient might like. The forums may be a good resource, but generally speaking, if the user doesn't have any comics or written content on the site, a generic gift is fine.

  5. Anyone who signs up and then fails to fulfill their end of the bargain will be asked to apologize publicly to the person they scrooged. Volunteers may do make-up gifts on behalf of scrooges. Make up gift deadline is January 5th. Only a few days! Don't volunteer if you can't meet that deadline - volunteers should be the ones who've submitted their gifts early and have time to kill. Don't double scrooge.

Technical Info (how to submit, sizes, etc.):

What follows is basic, easy to follow instructions on what you need to know to actually submit your gift. Failure to follow these instructions may result in you being considered a scrooge. PLEASE follow them. I have an elaborate but efficient system of managing this, and failure to even title your email correctly will throw it out of whack. Please follow these instructions to the letter. Please?

  1. Gifts MUST be emailed to me as an attachment by December 24th EST (look it up if you aren't sure - timezones matter). I will post it on this site for all to see. See details below for how to do this. DO NOT PM me your gift.
  3. Images and flash files cannot exceed 2048KB. You will be asked to fix them and resubmit them before deadline.
  4. On the 25th, you can reveal your identity as the gift-giver.
  5. Don't sign your work with your SJ username. It's secret santa, remember? ;)

Email format for submissions:

Subject: Secret Santa '08 Submission from [your FORUM username]
Body: A Gift for [your assigned recipient]
Attach: Your images. If they're already online, link to them in the body. Please take the time to resize your image to no wider than 900px wide and no smaller than 300px wide (they can be any length within reason). Images and flash files cannot exceed 2048KB.

Do not PM submissions to me. I'll be annoyed.

*Remember, comics and flash files cannot exceed 2048KB

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